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gnoss.com newsletter: 29th november week


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Hi gnossonaut!

Maybe when you’re reading this, gnoss.com is surprising you or maybe you’re finding out a new service that you didn’t know. We’ve recently uploaded a new release that greatly improves your user experience. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Now we’ll tell you about all the new features.

Thank you for trusting us ;-)

Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO de gnoss.com



Next Thursday, December 16th, Ricardo Alonso Maturana, gnoss.com CEO, is participating in the IBM Academic Day 2010, a workshop where IBM and the Spanish academic leaders will analyze and discuss the possibility of IBM collaboration with the university and the importance of technology in response to business challenges. For more information about this event, visit ibm.com/es or download the full program. From gnoss.com, we want to give our point of view in this debate with a presentation on the technology we work with and our projects in education. Our involvement in the IBM Academic Day 2010 event is part of the chapter ‘Collaboration in R&D’ and is entitled ‘GNOSS: network of networks’.

If you want to know what papers, talks, seminars... in which gnoss.com is involved, we invite you to see our events section.



1. Improve your browsing in gnoss.com

So far you could manage your profile only from the dropdown menu. The new release of gnoss.com makes it easier for you and brings you closer to your resources. Inbox, profile and contacts. They will always be visible in the upper right area of your screen. Remember that they will be different depending on the identity you’re using.

2. Recommend contents: linked resources

No need to explain that Web 2.0 is supported with the internaut’s collaboration and conversation spirit. You usually share knowledge through the content that you consider useful for other friends or colleagues. Well, in gnoss.com we help you to learn and share: first, the application shows you related resources and secondly, if you want, you can link resources together.

3. Customize your community: add and design widgets

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, gnoss.com… allow you to take your social network to your blog, personal web… through widgets or gadgets. The new management of gnoss.com communities allows you to customize the design of the community home: you can add html code freely. The improvement goes further: do you want to customize your own community widget?

4. New user profile: take advantage of your identity

Our development team has created an advanced profile with more customization options that allow you to see all your activity and relationships in gnoss.com. Aren’t you curious to know who is following you? ;-) Now you can connect to your profile on other social networks in a single click, add html code and create your own personal widget.

5. Import from Ning

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of requests for a solution to migrate communities from Ning to gnoss.com. We’ve got it! Free, gnossonauts can use this application to transfers the Ning contents to the gnoss.com community that you’re managing in only some minutes. You can access it from ‘Import Ning’, on ‘Management’ of your community. Don’t forget to read about our last update.

6. Gnoss.com links its data with Freebase

We recently announced that we had linked our data with Freebase. You can read the original post on Ricardo Alonso Maturana’s blog. Gnossonauts and friends have asked about how they can use this new feature in gnoss.com. They didn’t have to wait. You can read our ‘tasty’ answer on ‘Enriched content in the resources’.

7. Import of contacts

Maybe your contacts and friends haven’t discovered gnoss.com yet. Do you know that they are missing a totally new experience on social networks? Of course, you can’t stand it anymore… you want to share it with them ;-) Don’t worry. It’s ok. The improvements of this new release will help you: you can import your GMAIL, HOTMAILand YAHOOcontacts. Now you have more possibilities to connect with your friends easily.

8. Professor notebook

The GNOSS Educa and GNOSS University 2.0 projects go on providing new tools for teachers and professors who are working with social networks in education. In this new release of gnoss.com we’ve launched ‘The professor notebook’. It’s a tool that lets you download an Excel file with the activity of your class students.

9. Manage your privacy

Now, when you edit your profile you have access to the tab ‘Privacy’. From here, you control where you want your biography to be public. Moreover, the improvements to manage and view your profile include new icons that let you see what you are showing in public and what belongs to your private domain.

10. New text editor

Your messages, description of your resources, comments... The new release of gnoss.com includes a new editor that will allow you to improve the edition of your texts.


Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

The gnoss.com Team

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