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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: connect with the other social networks


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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: connect with the other social networks.
Hello gnossonaut,
our development team is determined that you won’t go out of GNOSS and… it’s managing to do it. In this newsletter we’ll tell you the improvements that we’ve been introducing in GNOSS and that make easier the development of your digital identity. You’ll see changes in navigation, recommendations, searches and connections with other social networks. We’ll tell you about it in this newsletter.
To start with, a new option on searches: you can now search directly in GNOSS from your browser. If you already have a standard configuration, you will find a search box on the right of the navigation bar (the place where you enter the Internet address or url you want to see). Thus, when you are working in GNOSS or any of its communities, you can find the words you’re looking for directly from your browser. You can use this innovation with the latest releases of  Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
GNOSS guide for…. Working on social networks from GNOSS
If you want, GNOSS may be the panel to organize your digital identity on the Net. We want to make the work easier for you, that’s why we’re adapting to your interests. Thus, the new release of GNOSS lets you share  the resources you choose with the most important social networks. Do you want to know how?
Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
discover new communities related to your personal interests?
The navigation in GNOSS offers you new possibilities to enjoy the content you’re most interested in. Now, when you are visiting the GNOSS communities, you can discover new sites on our network to share things you’re into. Let’s see an example: on the main page of Emprendedores (the Entrepreneurs community), we suggest you four related communities. So, you can find out that in GNOSS there is also a space for SMEs or for administrative oversight. You can see them in the column of related communities with their corresponding title and description.
Enjoy GNOSS; we innovate with you.



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