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  Hi gnossonaut! We have prepared a great audiovisual menu for you for the next few days. Shall we begin? We recommend that you don’t miss LRyPunto (Popular TV).  The program has made a special on Social Networks where some professionals and organizations give their different views on Web 2.0. The report includes a visit to the gnoss.com offices and presents the GNOSS Educa project. And we go on… because you shouldn’t miss the last edition of '+ De España', which discusses R&D projects in La Rioja and includes a reference to the Community of Talent (Fundación  Promete), hosted in gnoss.com.   EVENTS Ricardo Alonso Maturana, gnoss.com CEO, is participating in the Conference iRedes The next 24th and 25th

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Hi gnossonaut! The holidays are over, but before they began, many people believed that in fact the party had already finished. We have many days ahead of us to work in 2011. On gnoss.com, we count on you. CONTENT SELECTION New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web ‘New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web’ is the presentation at CERN byJavier de la Torre and Saleiva. Giant Global Graph | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs From the semantic web to the giant global graph, by Tim Berners Lee. Evolution of classroom technology ( NYTimes.com) To think about the evolution of ‘technological’devices at the service of learning.  It is an interactive time line published onThe New York Times Magazine. <...

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gnoss.com newsletter: 23rd August WeekHi gnossonaut!

In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in gnoss.com. We also want to have your opinion. So don’t miss the SWOT, questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!Content  Interview with  Ricardo Alonso Maturana (Encuentro University2.0) .It’s the turn of Ricardo Alonso Maturana (gnoss.com CEO) in a series of interviews on the occasion of the Meeting University 2.0 at UIMP for his contribution to the event with "University GNOSS 2.0: Digital Life to learn." No Spanish university among the top 200. Elpais.The Spanish university system no longer has any representatives among the 200 best centers in the world, according to t...

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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: interoperate with other social networks from gnoss.com

Hi gnossonaut,
last days you may have experienced some problems when working in gnoss.com. We realize that you could not enjoy the contents and services of our network as you wanted. Therefore, we regret any trouble we have caused you.
At present, we are making a great effort in our architecture and software to offer a better service. So this week, our team has been performing several tasks to enhance the user experience and improve the speed and robustness of gnoss.com. We appreciate your confidence.
For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.
GNOSS guide for... including GNOSS in your web
gnoss.com helps you...

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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: select your favorite contents

Hi gnossonaut,
communication with our users is critical to improving gnoss.com. So we are listening to everything you say and propose. Thus, in recent weeks we have received several queries about who is the owner of the content shared in gnoss.com. To clear up any doubts, we have specified this issue in our Terms of Use with the following paragraph:
For any questions, please contact us.
GNOSS guide for… social networks from GNOSS
If you want, gnoss.com can be the panel to organize your digital identity on the Net. We want to make the work easier for you, that’s why we’re adapting to your interests. gnoss.com...

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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: do you want to have an influence on your community? 
Hello gnossonaut, 
last week we invited you to meet members of the GNOSS communities through the image cloud. How are you doing? Did you find friends? Sure! In some of your messages and emails you made us some very interesting suggestions. Among them, you asked us to encourage the other gnossonauts to include an image in their profiles. Absolutely agree! Therefore, we are taking this newsletter to ask all the gnossonaut community for a small effort. Well, two small efforts ;-) Let’s get to the point: to be more visible in gnoss.com, we recommend including that photo, portrait or caricature with which you identify yourself. You can do ...

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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: find friends in your community

Hello gnossonaut,
we believe in the power of a team. It is one of the keys to our project. So, GNOSS communities are a reflection of this philosophy of cooperation and participation. Now, when you access any of them, you have the image of gnossonauts who share your same interests. Do you want to talk to them? Below the image of the community manager or managers, you can see an images cloud with users participating and conversing in this virtual space. Click on their photo or portrait and you can contact them.
By the way, haven’t you written your personal biography yet? Don’t wait any more. If you are a community manager, two lines of your biography will ...

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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: connect with the other social networks.
Hello gnossonaut,
our development team is determined that you won’t go out of GNOSS and… it’s managing to do it. In this newsletter we’ll tell you the improvements that we’ve been introducing in GNOSS and that make easier the development of your digital identity. You’ll see changes in navigation, recommendations, searches and connections with other social networks. We’ll tell you about it in this newsletter.
To start with, a new option on searches: you can now search directly in GNOSS from your browser. If you already have a standard configuration, you will find a search box on the right of the navigation bar ...