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Weekly gnoss.com Newsletter: semantics and educational communities

Hi gnossonaut,

One recommendation? As you know, gnoss.com is a knowledge network developed with semantic technology. We are Open Data and Linked Data Web. But, what are we talking about? Let's go with the first step: we try to anticipate the future of the Web to reach Knowledge Internet. If you want to talk about it, we invite you to visit the NextWeb community. There, gnossonauts share and discuss about web 2.0, web 3.0 and all new concepts that are standing out on the Internet. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s follow the conversation on Next Web.

GNOSS guide for… teachers
Education and new ways of learning are major ...

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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: do you want to have an influence on your community? 
Hello gnossonaut, 
last week we invited you to meet members of the GNOSS communities through the image cloud. How are you doing? Did you find friends? Sure! In some of your messages and emails you made us some very interesting suggestions. Among them, you asked us to encourage the other gnossonauts to include an image in their profiles. Absolutely agree! Therefore, we are taking this newsletter to ask all the gnossonaut community for a small effort. Well, two small efforts ;-) Let’s get to the point: to be more visible in gnoss.com, we recommend including that photo, portrait or caricature with which you identify yourself. You can do ...