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Open Data White Paper (UK Government)

El Gobierno del Reino Unido renueva su portal Data.Gov.Uk y lanza un white paper en el que profundiza sobre su concepto de Gobierno Abierto y la regulación, reutilización y 'uso inteligente' de los datos.



The Cabinet Office is ushering in a new wave of open data releases with the publication of a new Open Data White Paper.

The White Paper gestures at a world in which there is “presumption to publish” within government, and in which common standards and formats for publishing data online are adhered to. It also includes a commitment on the part of government fo provide public sector data for free “wherever appropriate and possible”.

The document, written by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, highlights the benfits of open data for society at large such as greater transparency and improved public services. The White Paper also explores the way in which open data can unlock economic potential by stimulating the creation of new tools and services.

The data to be released under the new plans will add to the 9,000 datasets already available via, a data portal powered by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s open-source software CKAN.

The plans set out in the White Paper also include details of the way in which government will safeguard private information and data. Privacy experts will be consulted during every planned open data release to make sure that the value of open data is realised without compromising on indviduals’ rights to privacy


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