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In addition to your biography, you can generate as many CV as you need from the 'Editorof Bios and CVs' of 'My Profile'.

To build your CV is as simple as clicking on 'Create CV' and complete the fieldsrequested. Also, if you already have your resumeon LinkedIn, you can bring it To do this, you must follow the steps shown on the page.

To make things easier, remember that you can convert the CVs into pdf.

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The user can import a CV which he has already prepared on LinkedIn. To do that, you have to go to ‘My profile’ from your personal menu. On...

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In GNOSS you can create as many biographies as you need to share them with the members of the communities you take part in. How? Go to my profile in your personal menu and click on ‘edit biography’. There we’ll ask you to tell us the most significant and relevant facts to your professional and personal life (Biography), what you do today (Now I am), what your whishes and goals in life are (I would like), what you can offer to the community GNOSS (I can offer), what your interests are (I’m interested in) and to define yourself in four words (Tags)... or five, as you need. To see how your biography looks like, you can click on preview and save it if you like it, or edit it again if you want to change or add something new. Whatever you do, don’t forget to save it when you are ready.You ca...

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From "My profile" you can manage your digital identity in GNOSS. In the editor of biographies you can create as many biographies as you want and share them with the different communities. In "Home" you can view these biographies and see how you are introducing yourself in each community where you collaborate.You also have a personal space for resources to manage your intellectual heritage. You can create an index of categories to organize your knowledge and choose what knowledge you make public (visible to other users GNOSS on your profile) and what you kept private so only you can see it. You can also share your resources with the communities where you participate. These communities are listed in the "communities" tab while your contributions in GNOSS (digita...