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visibility 104 newsletter: 16th August Week

Hi gnossonaut!

In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in We also want to have your opinion. So do not miss the questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!


Report that presents six new technologies that, according to some surveys, will be widely used in primary schools, secondary schools and university.

The first International Meeting on ICT and Education will take place in Lisbon on 19th and 20th November 2010.

Educational video for children that shows the potential security and privacy problems that they might face on the Net. It also has some recommendations for avoiding them.

Evia is currently working in 17 research lines of application of ICT to the field of Health, Welfare and Social cohesion.

Traditional relational databases and Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Bases have much in common in that both serve to store and retrieve information. However, the expressivity with which information can be represented and the flexibility with which it can be queried set true Knowledge Bases apart from more traditional data stores.

Emilio Quintana translated and commented on his blog ‘Sharism: A Mind Revolution’, by Isaac Mao.

Communication by researches of the Ultrasound Transducer Group’s (Duke University) on their research in relation to the next generation of surgical robots.

Article on about the opinion of 450 senior directors of Spanish companies on the economy situation during the last three months and expectations for the last semester of 2010.

The ‘Incyde’ Foundation and the ‘Emprendedores’ Magazine offer a selection of the top 150 articles for entrepreneurs published so far.

Set of articles and videos published on in collaboration with Frog Design where they present their ideas about how future could be in 2020.

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