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Hi gnossonaut!

In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in We also want to have your opinion. So do not miss the questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!


      Paper published in 2007 that theorizes about the future of data storage systems in the Internet age.

      BestBuy and applications of semantics for electronic e-commerce.

      Study on the behavior of people in social networks. According to the author, Cristian Saracco, it responds to tribal behavior.

      Sonia Blanco's doctoral thesis: 'From microblog to blog: the evolution of the receiver and transmitter generating content in Web 2.0'

      Web where you can find articles on various thinkers, practices and ideas related to informal learning, learning throughout life, and social action. 

      The Francisco José Ruiz Rey blog shows quality resources useful to adapt new technologies into the classroom. In addition, he also shares interesting articles and reflections on the importance of IT.

      DARPA Nvidia has commissioned the creation of a super computer for 2018 by $ 25 million in military research purposes intended to be 1,000 times more powerful than current supercomputers.

      Build your class with a simple tutorial in 10 steps

      Mercado Atlántico de Creación Contemporánea is a multidisciplinary professional meeting aims at dissemination and exchange of ideas between artists, actors, producers, managers of culture, businesses and institutions.

      Interview with Alejandro Piscitelli, philosopher and sociologist, he talks about concepts such as 'Media-Punk' or 'Edu-Punk'. 


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