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Hi gnossonaut!We are very happy with you: thanks for your ideas, opinions and comments. The new gnoss.com design we’ve launched this week would not have been possible without your contributions and suggestions. But, we are expecting more opinions. What do you think about the changes? What score do we get? Let your comments on GNOSSLife. We don’t want to stop; you know we innovate you ;-)As we are among friends, we're going to warmly slap you on the wrist. You aren’t making the most fr...

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Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: personal users and organizations

Hi gnossonaut!
In gnoss.com you have the option to register as an individual user or as an organization. In turn, an organization invites users to join its group. In our next release you will see new features that will make your work easier: 
Visibility: an organization decides which of its members are visible in the organization profile. In addition, its members have the option to edit the biography that will appear when representing their organization. Comments: members of an orga...

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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: build and share knowledge in class
Hi gnossonaut,
last week we raised a discussion. We wanted you to think about how collaborative environments can define the university of the future, what in the digital ‘agora’ is known as University 2.0. But ..., let’s go further.