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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: create a newspaper in your community


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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: create a newspaper in your community
Hi gnossonaut!
How are you doing with your navigation through Did you find the topics you are interested in? If not, we invite you to take the initiative. Let’s go step by step... communities are spaces where users meet according to their interests. To get an idea of the topics covered by gnossonaut friends, we offer you a list of all communities. Have you found your favorite site? Haven’t you? Well, let’s get to work. You can request a community from the ‘I want to...’ menu in MyGNOSS. We’ll wait for you. Remember that you can determine who and how will access your community: offers you four privacy levels.
GNOSS guide for… following your favorite websites from your community
Would you like to have your own personalized newspaper in your community?  has developed a system based on RSS/ATOM that allows you to follow all the blog entries, news and webs on one page of your community. We’ll tell you how to use it.
Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
assess the quality of the resources uploaded to your community?
If you are a community manager, you can create a certification policy that values the quality of contents shared by the community members. To activate this option, you have to access to Management/ Utilities and ‘Activate certification levels of the community’. The application enables you to determine the criteria you want, if a resource is excellent, good, regular... or even use marks: 10, 9, 8, 7... You decide.
The possibility of certifying content is also available for community supervisors. The manager can pick them from the Management page / Members.  There he can see all the people taking part in his community. The ‘Actions’ menu on the right of each user has the option ‘Change role’ to turn a community member into a manager or an editor...
Enjoy! We innovate with you.

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