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Didactalia, Building and Taking Advantage of Large Educational Knowledge Graph to improve and acelerate the teaching learning process

07/12/2015 is a large educational community for parents, teachers and students, supported by the social and semantic platform GNOSS. The collection offers over 85,000 educational resources, from pre-school education to high school, structured according to the standards of the semantic web (OWL/RDF) and the principles of Linked Open Data Web. To that number, we have to add the resources of all the communities that comprise the Didactalia Ecosystem (82,770 resources). The Ecosystem aggregates, structures and links contents from wide-ranging sources, both educational contents and other purposes ones that are reused with educational value.

In 2013 Didactalia had 8M visitors who consumed about 25M pages. This year we expected to reach near 10M visits. The community is growing 1,000 registered users a day.

Didactalia Ecosystem works with 9 ontologies, so it can provide users with solid search engines and retrieval information systems, systems to navigate through knowledge graphs, as well as relevant contexts for the resources. Particularly, it incorporates a big educational graph that connects Didactalia resources and DBpedia entries, including dynamic visualizations to browse this graph. Besides, users can also share resources, which are structured natively through a basic set of vocabularies. Didactalia aspires to create a great educational knowledge graph that integrates the distributed work of many creative teachers and educator and cultural agents...

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